Data Science & Consulting

I'm passionate about bridging the gap between theoretical statistics and real-world insights.

  • Right now, I pursue this interest as a principal data scientist with consultancy focused on data-driven products for organizations ranging from Fortune 500s to small start-ups. Learn more here.

  • I also channel this passion into some volunteer work with Statistics Without Borders, an organization that utilizes a worldwide network of statisticians and data volunteers to provide free consulting services to non-profits and non-governmental organizations.


Why do I care so much about data science education?


In addition to my current work in consulting and in education, I previously did data science for a small political consulting firm and for a large consumer packaged goods company and taught at my alma maters, Ohio State and Franklin College.

Drag, zoom, and play around with the below timeline to get a sense for what I've worked on over the past few years. (Also for my lacking skills in web development.)

Interested in a more formal copy of my background?

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